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Olivia Storey

Olivia Storey

Olivia, born and raised in Switzerland, has had her first skiing experiences at the age of 2. Since then, her passion for skiing and the outdoors in general only grew bigger and in order to share that with many other people, she decided to go through the Swiss training system to become a ski teacher. Although she loves the variety of guests on the slopes, as a trained physiotherapist she’s especially enthusiastic teaching people with different conditions. Alongside the “normal” skiteaching, Olivia works for PluSport, the national body of disabled sports in Switzerland, organising ski camps. She also trains the junior Swiss Paralympic Ski Team on a regular basis. 

She’s fluent in Swiss, German, English and also speaks basic French. 

Qualifications through Swiss System:

  • SSSA Disabled Sports Specialist
  • SSSA Aspirant
  • Jugend und Sport Leiter 3

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